shipping by sea has a relatively lower cost or shipping fee compared to shipping by air. shipping by sea is the right choice for clients who want to send goods in large quantities or large amount and goods that have long durability. shipping by sea is relatively longer than by air (air freight).


shipping by air will be faster than by sea. shipping by air is highly recommended for clients who need goods in quick time, goods sent have high value, and not durable. Air freight costs will be calculated by weight per kg and the dimensions of the goods to be shipped.


we will help clients with the maximum regarding all logistics needs (import and export sea or air customs processes, customs clearance, and inland trucking). everything can be submitted to us who will take care of the logistics needs of the client.


notification of import & export of goods concerning data of goods in the import export activities. this document aims to monitor the types and quantities of goods sent and received in the destination country.


We prepare a warehouse that can help clients receive and keep client shipments safely within a certain period of time and costs are adjusted to the length of storage of goods in the warehouse.


We also provide services for domestic shipments for clients who need shipping between cities and provinces.